Set up your concierge telehealth portal for a higher level of healthcare services

Concierge Medicine Teleservices

Successful concierge medical practices need tools for staying connected with patients, keeping wait times down, and offering high-quality convenient care. That’s what your patients are paying for – better access to you.

Concierge Telemedicine leverages technology, mobile health, and concierge physicians to deliver exceptional care.

Our simple, HIPAA secure live video telemedicine software makes connecting with patients online easy. So your practice can offer service that’s a step above the rest.

Through, epiphanee physicians can connect with patient Anytime, Anywhere and Optimize your Patient Flow.

  • . Accessibility - Connect 24/7 with your healthcare Providers.
  • . Personalized - Maintaining the relationship between your patient and your healthcare network.
  • . Accessibility - Empowering your healthcare network with your portable device

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