The Epiphanee wound-care Approach

Wound Care Teleservices

Issues in wound care delivery including:

  • . Difficulty remaining current with best practices
  • . Communication challenges between hospital and home care professionals
  • . Difficulty keeping up with ongoing wound care product changes
  • . Lack of standardized approach to wound care education, wound assessment, policies and procedures
  • . Lack of documentation of individual patient and wound care statistics and healing rate

The Epiphanee wound-care Approach

Hospital and home care professionals need to establish a standardized, evidence-based, interdisciplinary, cost-effective approach to skin and wound care. Electronic wound care system would be the best plan of action. Epiphanee wound care would help to standardize documentation, improve communication, and engage clients in their care.

Epiphanee wound care analytics platform is integrated with low bandwidthhippa compliant video chat providing a better solution by actively involving patients and clinicians in the wound care delivery. Apart from actively monitoring the improvements to wound healing Epiphanee wound care will help with :

  • . Reduction in wound care supply cost
  • . Reduction in average cost to treat a wound
  • . Reduction in daily wound dressing changes
  • . Reduction in time spent by nurses performing administrative duties
  • . Increase in level of confidence around best practices in the provision of wound care by nurses


Epiphanee would via machine learning technology helps nurses improve service delivery through the use of electronic charts, best practice recommendations, and automatically generated alerts. provider experience of using Epiphanee wound care

  • . Improved patient assessment
  • . More accurate and detailed assessment information
  • . An opportunity for education on wound management
  • . Enhanced and facilitated communication with nurses and physicians
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